NEW ORLEANS -- Torrie Brumfield of Amite has been sentenced to serve 16 years in federal prison for drug conspiracy. U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite said Brumfield was convicted by a federal jury for conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 100 grams of crack cocaine.
S.H.A.P.E hosted a car show at the community market in Greensburg on August 30, and was very pleased with the turnout. There was a total of seven entries and trophies and prizes were awarded. The St.
It's only the fourth week of a twelve week season. But people are taking notice about what's going on in Tycer Park with the Yellow Jackets of OFA. "We are off to a good start and we've improved from week to week," said Coach Jason Brabham.



We are currently in a time and day where everything and anything goes. There is no standard or moral compass. Love and compassion are like forbidden words. Integrity is none existent nowadays.

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