Town of Roseland statement on Tropical Storm Harvey

Roseland - Mayor Wanda McCoy and City Council members in anticipation of the
4 to 6 inches of rain expected from Tropical Storm Harvey hitting our area between
now and Friday are asking Roseland residents to be cautious on the roads and to
avoid driving through standing water due to fatalities arising from unexpected flash
flooding . Residents are also advised due to this heavy rainfall there may be
interruptions in power to make necessary preparations with medications , food and batteries.
Sandbags will be available for those in low lying areas at two locations:

*TPG Pleasant Ridge Public Works, located at 44512 W. Pleasant Ridge Road in Hammond;

*TPG Roseland Public Works, located at 63101 Commercial Street in Roseland.

The parish offers 15 sandbags for residential structures and 30 for commercial/businesses.

Mayor McCoy , Police Chief Henry Wright and Fire Chief Clay Widas recommends citizens to remain calm this should be an insignificant event and to always use common sense when dealing with severe weather and to call 9-1-1 for help when needed .
Where town leaders expect this to be an insignificant event, it's always best to be prepared in case it's not .

For more information contact :
The Town Hall at 985-748-9063 or email :

Thank you,
Susie Cambre
Public Information Officer

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