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Sharing Her Memories

Our area was saddened by the recent passing of Mr. John Pritchett. His obituary in the Amite Tangi Digest listed his extensive and most honorable military record. It also told of his many community and professional activities and involvements. Throughout his life, it was evident, Mr. John was a man who was committed to the betterment of his hometown, Roseland.

However, I wanted to know about the things that brought enjoyment to his life. With that in mind, I contacted his son, Chester. He suggested I visit with his mother and I was lucky to have been afforded the chance to talk to her about their life together. Mrs. Juanita Pritchett gave me a glimpse into the life they shared. I'd like to share them with you.

The Pritchett's enjoyed many all-American activities together. Years ago they bought a camper and proceeded to put it to good use. Two favorite spots they visited were the Ozark mountains and also going into the beautiful Carolina mountains. Sometimes they ventured out by themselves or joined friends. I'm guessing that great memories were made on these trips.

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