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The Eyes of America Are Upon Texas

Where does one begin when talking about Hurricane Harvey? Millions of our fellow Americans are dealing with an unimaginable nightmare. All of the readiness in the world does not prepare us for handling something like this. From the fourth largest city in this country to the smallest hamlet in our second largest state, lives have been altered forever.

Many of us have family, friends, and business affiliations in southeast Texas. Perhaps you are a frequent visitor to Houston for a sporting event or shopping trip. It may be a long time before we are able to travel to and enjoy all of the amenities that metropolis has to offer. As I write this Thursday afternoon, Interstate 10 into Houston from the east remains closed. The pictures of the Trinity River engulfing the interstate look more like ocean waves crashing into the seashore. Homes of all shapes and sizes have either been heavily damaged or completely destroyed. For me, the most heart-wrenching images are those of the children with those lost and bewildering looks on their small faces.

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