Lagniappe & Leftovers

In the last twenty or so years, grocery shopping has taken on a distinct life of its own. Once upon a time, it was a simple task, wasn't it? We looked through the pantry and refrigerator and made our lists. When we reached the market, we did not roll our carts down aisles that stretched into different area codes or time zones.

Well, that's probably an exaggeration, but not by much. Of course, we had many items to choose from, but not like today. When you ventured down the paper goods section, our choices were relatively simple. Facial tissue came in pastel colors and that was about as complicated as things got. Now, there are tissues with aloe, built-in lotions, and any number of things we may or may not want or need. Just a plain, soft white tissue does it for me. And let's be honest; we refer to this product as Kleenex, no matter what brand we are buying.

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