Make the Most of Your Time Together

It seems like summer just arrived. The days are hot and the nights are long. Each evening, as dusk approaches, you can hear the familiar sounds of the season. Children can be seen playing in their yards and riding bicycles. You can sometimes hear laughing and splashing going on in my neighborhood as youngsters challenge each other to games such as Marco Polo and freeze tag. Yes, it seems like we are in the full throws of summertime, and not on the cusp of a new school year.

Around every corner, signs of the coming school year have begun to spring up. You see moms and dads scurrying about to find all of the necessary items on their children’s school lists, which can sometimes make you begin to ask yourself silly questions. How many glue sticks do they really need? Or, why do they need an endless supply of paper towels? Having been a teacher myself, I can assure you, supplies are necessary, and every little bit will help your children's teachers throughout the school year.

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