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Things really are changing in our world. Have you seen the ads for meals prepped and boxed and sent to you home? Have you tried them? I ask because I do not plan to use that service. I still shop, prep, cook and serve all by myself. Don’t need anyone to do it for me...yet.

I also saw what was, for me, a disturbing commercial on television recently that said by 2050 we will have hundreds of smart devices in our homes. I’m not talking about the TV remote or programmable coffee maker. I’m talking about an almost complete system of artificial intelligence running your entire house. Even though I’ll not have to worry about that as I will be dead by then, I have to say that we are already well down the road to seeing this come to fruition. There are already international conferences being held on cyber security and an entire generation of jobs coming along in digital security. And let’s note that the “Doomsday Clock” has just been moved forward, or closer to an apocalyptic event.

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