Stanley Brian RelanOur Significance Is Found In Jesus

Every human being is made with the need for significance. When God created Adam and Eve, the Bible says God “breathed into them the breath of life,” (Gen. 2:7) and in doing so, made them spiritual beings. As spiritual beings, they were different from other parts of God’s creation. And, as spiritual beings, man has the need for significance. So, how does man achieve significance? In our world, we have a tendency to think that “significance” comes from our work or our title. If you meet someone for the first time, you normally introduce yourself.

Then, that person may ask, “What do you do?” Then, you may tell the person what your occupation is. And normally, we are proud of our occupation. It’s who we are. Or is it? For many people, yes, their occupation represents their identity. But, what if we lose our job? What happens when we retire? If our identity is wrapped up in what we do, then, we may struggle with our identity. But, that shouldn’t be the case for the Christian.

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