When Does Judging Start?

We have all done it even though we know it’s not right. We know the Bible says, “Judge not that ye be no judged” (Matt. 7:1) yet, we judge any way. But when does judging begin? Ever thought about that?

I ask that because about a year ago, I did a post on judging on Facebook. “Joe” commented that he wasn’t judging he was commenting on facts where another person was doing certain things that, in Joe’s opinion, were wrong and he was calling it out. So, in Joe’s opinion, he wasn’t judging. So, in light of that post, when does judging begin?

First let’s define what it means to “judge.” Judging means to form an opinion or conclusion about. For example, let’s say someone smokes. A person might say “Oh, but he or she smokes.” implying that it is bad but at the same time, the person judging someone for smoking gossips a lot. Both are wrong.

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