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Tangipahoa Parish Library Board of Control Meeting
June 21, 2018

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tangipahoa Parish Library Board of Control was held on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at Amite Branch Library at 204 NE Central Avenue, Amite, LA at 5:00 pm.

Library Board members present were D.J. Abrams, Gloria Vinyard, John Magee, Katherine Yeargain, Danny Williams and Louis Joseph. Wanda McElveen and Cecilia Giannobile were absent. Also present was Barry Bradford, Library Director, Christina Garlepied, Human Resources and Business Manager of the library, and Laura Gray of Laura Gray, CPA.

In the audience were library employees Bianca Roberts and Ramon Wheeler. Also present was Paul Riggs of the firm James Lambert & Riggs, CPAs.

Mr. Abrams began by calling the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Mr. Abrams asked if anyone in the audience wished to address the Board on any items on the agenda. No one did.

Mr. Abrams called for the approval of the minutes from the last Regular Board meeting on February 1, 2018. Ms. Yeargain made a motion that the minutes be approved. The motion was seconded by Dr. Magee and passed unanimously.

Mr. Riggs presented the Audit Report for the library for 2017. He explained the basic elements of the report and stated that the library had a clean audit with no findings. He then went over the Agreed Upon Procedures required this year for the first time by the Legislative Auditor. The library also received a clear report on this with no findings. Dr. Magee made a motion that the Audit Report and the Agreed Upon Procedures Report be accepted as presented. Ms. Yeargain seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Bradford thanked Ms. Gray for her firm’s audit preparation work, and Ms. Garlepied for her audit preparation work.

Mr. Bradford then reported that there had been miscommunication with First Guaranty Bank, the library’s Fiscal Agent. The Fiscal Agent Agreement had not been signed for 2017-2018. The last line of the previous agreement with First Guaranty provided for a renewal of the agreement for another year without a signature. Mr. Bradford signed a new Fiscal Agent Agreement with First Guarantee in April that will be in force until June 30, 2019.

Mr. Abrams asked Ms. Gray of Laura Gray, CPA to present the financial report. Ms. Gray presented a draft of the financial statement as of May 31, 2018. Cash in the bank was $28,548. Total in LAMP was $5,520,468. Total assets on a cash basis were $5,590,018. Liabilities were for accrued staff salaries and payroll tax for a total of $125,220. Fund balance was $5,548,000. Ms. Yeargain made a motion that the financial report be approved as presented. Dr. Williams seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Ms. Gray then presented the LAMP report. Cash in the LAMP account as of June 6, 2018 was $5,390,461. Dr. Williams made a motion that the financial statement be accepted as presented. Dr. Magee seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Bids were opened for the library’s Journal Agent Agreement. Three sealed bids were submitted. The first opened was from the Ponchatoula Times. Their bid was $3.50 per square inch of 100 words in 8 point type. The second bid opened was from the Hammond Daily Star. Their bid was $6.00 per square inch of 100 words per insertion. No type size was mentioned. The third bid opened was from the Amite-Tangi Digest. Their bid was $2.75 per square inch of 100 words in at least 8 point type. Dr. Magee made a motion that the low bid be accepted and that the Amite Tangi Digest be the Journal Agent for the library from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Ms. Vinyard seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Mr. Abrams asked Mr. Bradford to report on a USDA grant for the Kentwood area. This grant is for areas that have essentially no Internet service. Mr. Bradford said that the only high speed Internet available to most people in Kentwood is via satellite, which is relatively expenses and can be interrupted for a variety of reasons. The library branch there has high speed Wi-Fi that reaches a few feet outside the building. People use that service at all hours of the day and night. The grant would allow the library, in partnership with Parish Government, to provide high speed Wi-Fi at the town’s Community Center and at the Temple Baptist Church. Both the Town of Kentwood and the church have given permission to provide the space for the access points for this service. The library and Parish Government would jointly pay the matching funds required for the grant.

Mr. Bradford then gave a report on the new Kentwood Branch project. The Capital Outlay Request placed by Parish Government was not funded. Reducing the size of the branch is not an option Mr. Bradford wants to pursue. Dr. Magee asked if the core of the building could be built and then added onto later. Mr. Bradford said he wasn’t sure what he could consider that core area. The only other possibility for funding the branch at this point would be to borrow the money. Mr. Bradford said he would look into a loan to see what kind of interest rate the library could get. The Board agreed that Mr. Bradford should do this.

Mr. Abrams then asked Mr. Bradford to give the Director’s report. Mr. Bradford asked if Mr. Joseph had any information from his meeting with Independence Mayor Manino concerning the water/sewer lines connected to the branch. Mr. Joseph said that he believed some work has been done on them. Ms. Roberts said there has been no problem lately with the toilets not working at the branch. Mr. Bradford said the cost of the March millage renewal election was $332.63. The library has moved from Hanover Insurance to American Alternative Insurance. The coverage is better and the cost is lower by $4,000. The library now has flood insurance for the contents of all branches. The branches all have termite treatment plans now. The southern portion of Hammond’s roof which is flat will be replaced as it is leaking. Guarantee Builders will do the work. Ponchatoula’s roof was also damaged by hail recently. Insurance will cover this cost and the work will also be done by Guarantee Builders. The Young Woman of Excellence Award was given to Leslie Matherne of St. Thomas Aquinas School. The Poppy Tooker event on April 12 was attended by about 100 people and was very well received by the crowd. Cate Street Seafood Station donated gumbo for the event. The Senior Library Cards have been rolled out. Senior Cards are for patrons 55 years old and older and allow longer loan periods and reduced fines. There is a vacant building in Loranger where the old Dollar General was. Mr. Bradford will meet with Donnie Simpson, the owner, to find out the condition of the building and how much it would lease for. The Loranger Branch could possibly be moved into it if it was affordable. The current branch in Loranger is 1,776 square feet. The vacant building is 8,100 square feet and it is in a great location. Mr. Bradford will meet with owner Donnie Simpson and report back to the Board. Bianca, Misty Noble-Hodge and a number of our programmers will be going to the American Library Association conference in New Orleans from June 22 – June 26. The library has purchased four new AWE educational children’s computers for Hammond. These are designed for children ages 2-10. The cost was about $10,000 total. Also, 10 new public access computers have been purchased for Hammond Branch, costing a little over $9,000 total. All of these computers were purchased with money donated to Hammond Branch by the Rosenblum family. Mr. Bradford next spoke about the Common Read program going on – Celebrating the Written Word. The library is partnering with the Hammond Regional Arts Center to encourage all people in the parish to read The Radium Girls. The author Kate Moore will be visiting Ponchatoula Branch at 7 pm on Friday, November 2 and Hammond Regional Arts Center at 10 am on Saturday, November 3.

There were no visitors in the audience.

The next Board meeting will be September, 2018.

Ms. Vinyard made a motion that the Board meeting be adjourned. Dr. Magee seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

D. J. Abrams, Vice-President

Barry Bradford, Secretary

Publish in the Amite Tangi Digest and Kentwood News Ledger on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

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