Twenty-First Judicial District court of Louisiana, in and for the Parish of St. Helena

Wells Fargo Bank, N. A.
Versus 23,396
Travis Centelle Hart and Gwuandolyn Alford Hart A/K/A/ Gwuandolyn alford Wallace Johnson Hart

By virtue of a Writ of Seizure and Sale issued out of the Twenty-First Judicial Court of Louisiana, Parish of St. Helena in and for the Parish of St. Helena Parish, in the above entitled and numbered suit, I have seized and will proceed to sell at public auction for cash to the last and highest bidder and according to law, sale to take place at the principal front door of the Court House in Greensburg, Louisiana on

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Between the hours prescribed by law, beginning at ten o’clock a.m. the following mentioned and described property in the Parish of St. Helena, State of Louisiana, to-wit:


A certain piece or portion of ground, situated in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, and being more fully described as LOT NUMBER A-13-A-2, HUNDRED OAKS SUBDIVISION, containing 2.355 acres, all in accordance with a map entitled “Map Showing Survey & Division of A-13-A Hundred Oaks Subdivision into A-13 -A-1 and A-14-A-2 located in Section 49, Township 4 South, Range 5 East, Greensburg Land District, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, for Sandstone Builders” by McLin & Associates, Inc., Ross B. Chasion, Jr., Reg. Prof. Land Surveyor dated 9/28/06, a copy of which is on file and of record at COB 258, page 256 official records of St. Helena Parish; subject to restrictions, servitudes, rights-of-way and outstanding mineral rights of record affecting the property.

Terms of Sale: CASH, according to law with appraisement
Greensburg, LA, Advertise July 18, 2018 and August 15, 2018

Candace M. Bowen, Attorney Nathaniel Williams, Sheriff

Publish in the St. Helena Echo on July 18 and August 15, 2018.

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