Minutes of the Board of Commissioners of Gravity Drainage District #5 of Tangipahoa Parish, La. held on Monday June 18, 2018 the regular meeting place, City Hall, 308 Ave G Kentwood, La.

The Board of Commissioners of Gravity Drainage District #5 of Tangipahoa Parish, La. met on the above date in regular session and was called to order by the President, Mr. Michael Kazerooni the following members present:

Present: Michael Kazerooni, Jacob Yarborough
Tarquin Mearidy, Ray Ydarraga

Absent: Jerome Fultz

The roll call showed a quorum to be present. Whereupon a motion was made by Tarquin Mearidy duly seconded by Jacob yarborough and unanimously carried that the reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting dated, May 21, 2018 be dispensed with and that they be adopted as of record and published in the official journal.

Any public comments at this time were taken.
Old Business: None

New Business:
Allyce Cutrer has a bid from Kentwood News Ledger as Official Journal. The bid was $ 3.25 per square inch of 100 words to be set in at least ten point type. Motion made by Jacob Yarborough duly seconded by Tarquin Mearidy to accept the bid of Kentwood News Ledger as the official Journal and unanimously passed.

David Sellers had no bids to open for canal maintenance.

President Kazerooni stated he had not gotten the bid sheets to the vendors in time for the meeting for the Co-op job. There was a discussion and the board decided to hold a special meeting on June 25 at 6pm to open bids for the Co-op job so the new board will not have to deal with it.

The Financial report on the general condition of the district was given and a motion was made by Ray Ydarraga seconded by Jacob Yarborough and unanimously carried that the report of the Secretary Treasurer be approved and accepted and the Kentwood News Ledger be paid.

With no other business appearing before the board a motion was made by ­­­­­­Tarquin Mearidy duly seconded by Ray Ydarraga and unanimously carried the meeting adjourned.

Michael Kazerooni, President


Allyce B. Cutrer

Publish in the Kentwood News Ledger on July 4, 2018.

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