APD officers crash in Walmart parking lot

By Sara Patrick
Amite Police Chief Jerry Trabona reports that on Tuesday, March 21 around midnight, two Amite Police Department officers were in search of a man when their vehicle collided with a pole.
Amite Police Officer Gwen Cacioppo was driving, and Sergeant Dominic “Tony” Cuti was in the passenger seat at the time.
Trabona stated the officers were sent in search of a man who was thought to be at the Amite McDonald’s at the time. However, the officers did not find him there. According to Trabona, while patrolling in the Walmart parking lot, both officers were likely looking away from the roadway when the vehicle collided with a pole.
After the crash occurred, Sgt. Cuti hit his head while exiting the vehicle. Both officers were taken to North Oaks Hospital in Hammond to be observed and treated for minor injuries. Cuti has since been released, but Officer Cacioppo remained in the hospital as of Wednesday morning in stable condition.
Trabona stated that APD will have the vehicle repaired in the near future.


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