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A bit over two weeks ago, our family said our last goodbyes to our cousin, James "Rube" Ardillo. As children, we called him "brother."

This is probably one of the reasons friends and acquaintances thought he was our brother. Growing up next door to each other, we played in each other's yards nearly each day. We caught Mr. Clifford Battles' school bus each morning and afternoon until our mothers had cars. We built forts, played all sorts of ball, and had a typical American childhood.

As Rube got older, his love of music and his talent as a singer became well-known. He was a member of several bands, but was known mostly as the lead singer in Southern Jam. It was a musical group that was known for smooth Southern rock 'n' roll. They could also whip out a very good rendition of some memorable songs from the '50s and '60s. One of my favorites was Cookie and the Cupcake's "Matilda." Now that was a good dance tune.

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