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What Happened?

Where did it go? Has it been hijacked by some unknown force. How do the experts explain it? You might be asking yourself what in the world is she talking about now?

It's one of my oft repeated subjects... the weather, of course! Just two weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised by several days of cool mornings and mild, low humidity days. Foolishly, I thought it was here to stay. Oh, no, not in Louisiana!  It's much too soon to expect temperatures that remind us of brilliant autumncolored falling leaves and evenings around the fire pit.  Maybe we should hold off on all of the fixings for s'mores just a little longer.

It seemed as if the mosquitos had taken a break, as well. Ah, how thoughtful! Now, they have returned in full force.  Hopefully it's their last gasp for the calendar year 2017. I mean, how many times must we spray Raid around the carport door.  Sometimes trying to get into the house through that door is like running through a barricade.

Well, I'm going to bide my time. The weather reports tell us that cooler temperatures are on the way. Really? If you say so. My personal guidepost to weather changes this time of year is one that I've looked forward too for as long as I can remember. It was usually the first week when a sweater or a light jacket was required for outings in the evening. It brought about much delight and fun entertainment for the whole family. Have you guessed it? It's the Tangipahoa Parish Fair, of course! The dates this year are October 4-8. And for something really new and exciting, it will all take place at our outstanding Florida Parishes Arena.

From everything I've heard and read, the fair board and the arena staff have put together a great schedule of events. It will have all of the usual fun-filled activities associated with this fall ritual, plus some new surprises.

Maybe we will pull out our jackets, take a ride up Highway 51 and see what will be happening. At this point, I'd like to think I might get on the ferris wheel, but that would be quite a stretch. So maybe the BG and I will settle for a nice stroll and a warm, delicious funnel cake. Now what would be wrong with that?

Que sera sera.

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