A few months ago, my husband, Ted, and I talked about how we might like to retire back in the South. Trying to be sensible about it, we made two lists. One for all the ‘pros’ and one for all the ‘cons’. The more we talked the longer the list of ‘pros’ got and suddenly we had convinced ourselves we had no good reasons to remain in California. This is the point in the story where we totally took leave of our senses. Giddy with the excitement of returning to our roots, so to speak, we began to scour the internet sites for houses. We found a great many choices and we actually began to tell friends and loved ones to expect us within the next year.

Did I mention at this point we now had no rational thoughts passing through our brains? I got a realtor and we planned a trip to look and hopefully buy our last home. That place where you will stay and nest and eventually, hopefully die. No more packing and moving and wondering where we would end up.

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