Papa had a really bad gut. Along with pain and bleeding ulcers his stomach was so very badly pockmarked with scars that in the late 1950s the majority of it was removed. Forever after he was required to have a nap after dinner each day. Also, he was allowed only one cup of coffee a day; he chose a morning cup (and very often cheated and drank two). His afternoons were reserved for a cup of tea, most often with Jr. Hood. Their habit was to meet at the Chevy dealership after Papa's nap, then re-meet at their table in Roy Jr.'s drugstore cafe later.

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon in the summer. Roxanne was at the house with Judy for a day or two because Judy didn't know how to do anything by herself. Payola, our little brown-and-white goatkid, was also in attendance all over the place. (She thought she owned us and every inch of the property. We let her believe that!)

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