Chesterradio Tells the World About Roseland has started its third year sharing classic country music with the wold world via the internet. Nobody in the rest of the world has the music we play. It’s “great country” from its finest era, the fifties through the seventies. The rest of the world is noticing. In the last few days we’ve had listeners in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom; Montreal, Canada; Israel;

Vollen, Norway; Tanzania; in Africa and in Seoul, South Korea. Most of our listeners are from the United States. A Missouri family connects with us almost every day, all day long. Other than Louisiana, where we have a fan in Olla, California is the state with the most listeners. Broadcasting on the Internet gives us their location, the time they started listening and for how long and the number of times they have visited. The internet is worldwide, the equipment chesterradio broadcasts from is located in Eastern Europe. We connect with it, update the music and tell people about Roseland just as if it was sitting in the back room at my house.

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